1. What info should I send you after I bought a premade or for custom?

—-For Premades, Please message us this info:

For E-book only, send us the Title, Subtitle/Tagline, Series info, and Author’s Name

For Print Layout, indicate in the message that you also want the print format and include the following:
- Blurb

- Author Bio and PIcture (Optional)

- Logo (Author/publisher) (Optional)

- Reviews/Quotes (Optional)

- Platform or publishing house (If you already have a template from that platform, much better and send it to us (you don't need to send us the details below then)

- Book Size

- Total number of pages

- Color of the interior paper

- Paperback, hardcover or hardcover with the dust jacket

—-For Customs, we will send you a questionnaire/form a day before the scheduled date.

2. What size are the Ebook and Print covers?

—-The ebook covers will be emailed to you as 1600 pixels wide by 2560 pixels high, RGB, JPG in 300 dpi. These are the specifications for Kindle, but you shouldn’t have any problem using it with another ebook service.

—-The standard size of my print covers is 6×9“. Even so, it will depend on your chosen size though.

—-If you have a completed book and know the number of pages, you can create the template via kdp or Ingram spark. Where you can choose your desired size, paper color, etc. Then you can send us the template, and we can start on the full wraps for paperbacks.

—-Or we can do it for you as long as we have the exact number of pages of your book. (the final numbers of pages), what color of paper you will use etc.

—-Ingram spark template – IngramSpark

—-KDP template – Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

3. How much is it cost to make printed book covers?

—-The price you will see in the Premade Shop is for EBOOK ONLY.

—-For spine and back, check our pricing for ADD-ONS and you have to message us to order the print format.

4. What changes are included in the cover price?

—-Revisions for the text are included in the price, including changes in text colour. Changes in the font have a fee.

—-Deleting decorative designs: ex. corner decorations, underlinings, etc are free of charge. BUT deleting major designs, moving major designs, replacing major designs, of course, will have a charge.

—-The covers are in JPG for ebook and PDF/PNG for print.

—-ASK FOR QUOTATION for changes not included in the pricing. Payment for extra charges must be done in PAYPAL only.

5. I want to buy a PREMADE cover, but I haven’t decided on my book title yet.

—-If you don’t have a title yet, that’s OK. You can buy the cover now, and when you are sure about your title, send us the information and we’ll change it for you.

—-But you must secure the cover by purchasing it so that we can’t sell it to other authors who want the cover. We will reserve the cover for 2 days, if payment is not made after 2 days, we will cancel your order and put the cover back on sale.


—-Please allow 24-48 hours for turnaround.

7. How long does the custom cover take?

—-We start with the booking date once we have the questionnaire. You will receive the concept in 3-5 days. Once you approved a concept, we will continue with revisions and finalization. It would take a week or less, depending on how fast you can give us feedback.

8. I would like to use my own images, can I send them to you?

—-Yes you can, but make sure you have the necessary license to use the images for commercial purposes. Check the book cover agreement here regarding Client Responsibility.

9. I don't have the final number of pages for the spine size.

—-No problem, even if the project is completed and paid, just message us anytime whenever the final pages or other information are ready without extra charge, unless you haven't purchased the add-ons yet.

10. What is your price for series continuations for premades and customs? Does the price of both series the same as the custom price?

—-We offer different prices for premades and custom series continuations. We will include the price for series continuation in the description area of the PREMADE COVER. CUSTOM will depend on which designer you worked/want to work with.

11. Do you offer additional discounts?

—-We will announce in our FB group if we have giveaways, coupons, sales, or any discounts.

12. I would like to cancel the custom work since I am not satisfied with the design concepts?

—-Yes you can, but make sure to comply with the agreement made for concept design which was sent to you before sending the concepts.

13. Will you do a cover reveal for my book In YOUR FB GROUP or another GROUP?

—-Yes, as we think it will be a great promotion for both the author and the designer. But we will message you first to give us a specific date for the cover reveal.

14. Will you post my cover in your portfolio?

—-Yes. For Premades sold, we will immediately post them in our web portfolio.

—-For Customs, Covers that haven't been published will be put on our website/portfolio after 2 months when the work is done but without the book's information, such as title and author name. Once published, if you allow us, or during the cover reveal, all information will be visible.

15. Do you work for all genres?

—-Our main genres are fantasy, UF, PNR, dark romance fantasy, monster fantasy, contemporary, and object-based. But we are open to other genres.

16. Do you require a custom booking fee/deposit?

—-Yes. We will send you an initial invoice of $30 non-refundable.

17. What is your refund policy?

—-For Premades, once sold and paid, there will be no refund. However, you can ask the designer's permission to resell the cover.

—-For Customs, the initial payment is non-refundable.

—-Once the cover was finalized for premade or customs. There will be no refund.

18. Do I need to credit you in my book?

—-Yes, please. You can credit US in your book as 'NAME  OF DESIGNER|Phoenix Design Covers"

—- In some rare cases, you might also need to credit some stock providers or the photographers, we will give you the information so that you can include it in the credit section of the book.

19. Do you have a social media page or group?

—-Yes. You can join our Facebook group at Phoenix Premade Designs Group.

—-If you don't want to join our group, you can just follow our FB Page Phoenix Design Covers.

20. I still have questions about the cover design.

—-Just message me. You can also check the whole cover contract here.